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Otter Creek Organic Farm

environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture, and family farming

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Seasonal farming at Otter Creek

Because we use only our own grasses to feed our herds, the milk and cheese we produce tastes distinctively of the season, and our hogs and steers are, quite simply, delicious.

We insist that we honor the basics and traditions of agriculture and cheesemaking, and we always take the time to make the cheese right and stay true to the integrity and authenticity of the Wisconsin cheesemaking tradition. Our passion is to produce cheeses and meats that honor the land and the animals themselves.

Our basic rules of agriculture are simple:
(1) Do everything you can to get soils healthy and mineralized.
(2) Do everything you can to make livestock healthy and comfortable.

Otter Creek's goal is to raise the bar on agricultural quality and to produce food that people will love. It's not enough to know your farmer—we want you to LOVE YOUR FOOD!

U.S. Cheese Championship 2007

Our Pesto Cheddar won 3rd place in its category at the United States Cheese Championship this year in Wisconsin! Thank you Bob Wills and Mark Olson for working with us to make this spectacular cheese.

American Cheese Society 2007

That darned Pesto Cheddar won 3rd place in its category at the ACS judging in Vermont this year! Working with our neighbors to make an award winning cheese is an honor.